10 Top Secret EASY Loopholes to Win Pick 3 & Pick 4
Underground Pick 3 & Pick 4 Lottery Player Reveals AMAZING TOP SECRET Kick-Ass Tricks to Win Pick 3 & Pick 4 Lottery Games!



10 Top Secret DIRTY Tricks to Win!

I don't care if you are 18 or 80, if you can read this page, you CAN win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games even if you have NEVER played a single lottery game in your life! Finally, an underground lottery player REVEALS (step-by-step) the TOP SECRET tricks and secrets to win pick 3 and all daily numbers lottery games as EASY as reading this page.

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery are very simple games to play and can be very easy to win, IF you know the hidden secrets NOBODY wants to tell you. I will reveal the TOP 10 secrets and dirty tricks to win BOTH Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery. Read what I show you, then look at ANY Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery game to see EXACTLY what I am talking about and you will see the expected winning number, just like I said you would!

Never Before Revealed Secrets to WIN Pick 3 AND Pick 4!

The concise manual is just 24 pages and filled with the BEST TOP SECRET nasty, dirty tricks used to win the daily lottery games. It couldn't be simpler and it's possible you could read it today and win Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery TONIGHT and you can do this because I KNOW what works, I know the game inside out and I have spent over 20 years learning the pick 3 and Pick 4 games and how they react to a given set of circumstances. All you do, is watch your game until you see one of my TOP SECRET tricks come into play, then you will KNOW what to do - simply play and you stand a very good chance of winning! Just like Stella did on her first try on Georgia Cash 4 when she pulled in an AMAZING GA CASH 4 HIT for $2,700

4 Pick 3 Wins in Texas in 4 Days!

Kick-ass Secret #10 shows how the Texas Pick 3 won four times in four days without any kind of knowledge, skill or previous experience. Just look for this set-up and "do this" and I show you how to pick and play winning numbers, so YOU stand the best chance to win pick 3 and pick 4 - it couldn't be any easier and it's NOT just for Texas, it's for ANY Pick 3 lottery game!

Secret #1 - How to Win Pick 4 Lottery

Look for this number to appear in 'this' position then 'do this' and you could win fast and it is so reliable and so easy!

Secret #2 - "Perfect Digit Match"

Look 'here' and 'here' to see a same digit match, if seen, do 'this' and you have a very good chance to win your daily Pick 4 game, fast & easy! Won Florida Play 4 on 9/15/2012 and Georgia Cash 4 on 9/16/12, watch this magic pick 4 secret to fill your pockets with cash!

Secret #3 - "The Split"

Wait until any special number that looks like 'this' appears on your game then follow what I reveal in this amazingly simple dirty trick and there's an excellent chance for you to win your game! Here's three new purchasers that did just that using Top Secret #3 on the Georgia Cash 4 today!

Hi Marc, want to thank u so very much for your dirty little secret #3!..just won str/box on the cash 4 here in Ga..THANK U!..didn't play on line, but it's worth $2,700 and I'll take it!..going to collect now..have a great day! (Stella, GA)


Hello Marc, Thank you so much for The Top 10 Secrets. At age 68 it is easier for me to study. Here is the proof, after studying the Top 10 Secrets and selecting from the Georgia lottery, I applied secret #3 and won the GA cash 4 on Sept 20. winning number 7660 and won $200.00. The pick 3 warrior and puma are other systems that I purchased, they are fantastic (Eustace, GA)

Secret #4 - "The Double Shot"

What should you do if a double just hit your game? I know, and you will too, once you get the low down on this amazingly powerful secret!

Secret #5 - "The Special Number"

Wait until your game produces this secret number in this special position and it can lead the way to filling your pockets with fast cash and some BIG $$$ in very little time. This dirty pick 3 secret is fast and it's often very reliable!

Secret #6 - "Pick 3 Number Watch"

If you see these two digits win on your game then these are the numbers you SHOULD be playing! Works well and it's fast and easy to grab the cash!

Secret #7 - "The Pick 4 Watch"

If this special digit appears on your Pick 4 game, then 'this' is what to expect hit your Pick 3 game this week!

Top Secret Dirty, Nasty Tricks!

Knowledge is power and now YOU have the secret power to win Pick 3 AND Pick 4 lottery games! No skill or previous experience required! Read and implement these amazing kick ass secrets, dirty tricks and loopholes on your pick 3 or pick 4 lottery game and you can win time and time again! Fast and easy and it's worth its weight in gold. Watch as your pockets fill with cash and others just scratch their heads wondering "How do you do that!" Don't tell them, send them here to get their copy before it's gone or I jack up the price to something realistic like $299 - hey, I know your game is making someone a LOT of money tonight and it may as well be you. Even if I charge you $299 for the TOP SECRET dirty tricks, it's HALF of just one local $500 Pick 3 hit. Who can complain about that? Just HALF of one hit and even at that price, you are stealing it from me. It took me over 20 years to learn what I know and I think $299 is well worth it. But I won't charge you that. The economy sucks and it's not getting any better no matter what anyone says, people are suffering and struggling, just to get by for another week. Bills are due and many don't have money to live as they used too. It's bad everywhere. The one place that has money is your state lottery and they GUARANTEE paying out, so get your share now! I may not be able to change your life, but if you study the secrets to win pick 3 and win pick 4 lottery as I show you, I may be able to change the way you live it.



Bonus Number One: In addition to the 10 TOP SECRET tricks I have thrown in two very special bonus items that will give you even more knowledge right off the bat. I will show you how to know which numbers are due to hit your Pick 3 game this week! The power of "Due numbers" is amazing and you'll be surprised just how simple they are! Numbers follow rules and I reveal all you need to know! This alone is worth the purchase price! One winning pick 3 due number can put $500 in your pocket this week, any maybe even tonight!

Bonus Number Two: I will show you the pair or double to play for today only! You can play the pair or you can play the double and these are plays for today and today only! You will be shocked and your friends will think you are psychic - in reality, if you know where to look, the pick 3 and the pick games will show you the most likely pairs or doubles that may hit today. It won't work every time you play, but it can and it does work very well. I think you will be amazed when you read this AMAZING SECRET, just like Tim was "Just wanted to say thanks again, and that this does really work. I just won the Florida Cash 3 based on this secret!" (9/17/12) Tim played one game, one time and won! Now that could be you too!


Pre-Release Testimonials

"I just read your pre-release book. It is amazing! Well, I bet you know what I think! You should definitely make it available to the public. But it cannot be cheap! You must consider how much time it took to learn these secrets. When someone purchases it, you and I both know, with so much powerful information, that person will make lots of money if he/she follows the directions! You really simplified it Marc, and it is excellent. You will have to consider the price cautiously. I wish I could tell you how much you should sell it for, but to me, it is invaluable! I do not want you to "short-change" yourself. But, as I said, it is awesome. It is certainly worth over $200-$300.00. By the way, I feel priviledged that I am the first person to read it." (Sylvia, NC)

"DUDE, that is awesome. It is cheap for that type of info but you shouldn't have any problem getting sales! Very good stuff in there!" (Brandon, AR)


MARC THANK YOU the money i spent today (9/15/12) on your dirty secrets just netted me $375 on a 1 dollar bet. Dirty Trick #2 just paid off with the 1862. (Tim, FL)


Here's the Deal....

I know it's worth $299 and if you used just ONE secret to win $500 or more, you'd never complain about paying for it. But I won't charge you that. I actually want to put this knowledge in your hands and I really want you to win and grab some BIG $$$ from your state lottery. So here's the deal. I will give you all 10 TOP SECRET TRICKS plus the TWO FREE BONUS ITEMS (worth the price alone!) and I will hand it to you for an amazingly low price...


Don't try to win pick 3 or pick 4 without knowing the SECRETS to winning the daily lottery games. You CAN win pick 3 and win pick 4 too IF you know 'how' it is done. As an underground lottery player I use the secrets to winning lottery cash too! If you use just ONE of the dirty secrets, you can fill your pockets with cold hard cash, maybe as soon as tonight.


Legal to use on ALL pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games! Secure your low introductory price today. Even with a planned price increase in January 2014 to $97 it's still a great deal and selling for hundreds less that it's truly worth and documented amazing winning potential. If you order today, you get the $34.95 special pricing AND you will also get Secret #11 "The Secret Loophole" and this doesn't happen often, but when it does, you can move-in and make fast cash, the easy way. It's included free but only for a limited time.


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Updated for 2014 and this version includes EVEN MORE FREE BONUS SECRETS to win pick 3 lottery games. Now there is no reason why YOU can't stuff your pockets with cash for a GREAT New Year in 2014. Don't be backed into a corner with the economomy. Now it's time for you to be in control and armed with the pick 3 and pick 4 secrets you can be. Everyone deserves a chance to a decent life and instead of others being in control of your ability to buy nice things, you can be in charge! Imagine turning the daily pick 3 lottery into a cash machine and your own personal ATM. I can show you the REAL secrets that work to win pick 3.

The Top 10 Dirty Secrets to win Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery reveals PROVEN secrets to predict winning numbers for Pick 3, Cash 3, Daily 3, Pick 4, GA Cash 4, FL Play 4 lottery games. The secrets can and do work on any state pick 3 or pick 4 lottery game. There is no reason why you cannot win Pick 3 or Pick 4 if you know what to do! The winning secrets show you the easy ways to win daily lottery games. It is time to fill YOUR pockets with cash! The TOP 10 secrets to win pick 3 and win pick 4 lottery system is the ONLY system providing pick 3 players a winning number advantage to win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games.

Requires a Windows based PC running Windows Visa, Windows 7 or WIndows 8. Not designed for tablets, smart phones, iPad or Mac. Strictly for a PC or laptop running Windows. Note: The lottery system is digitally protected, it CANNOT be printed. It must be read, used and learned on your computer. This prevents unauthorized distribution at this low, introductory pricing and ensures only those who paid for it, get to use it. That's fair isn't it.

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Requirements, Legal Ownership and Disclaimer: You must have a PC running Windows Operating System. The Top 10 Secrets and 2 Free Bonuses are digitally protected to prevent free distribution to friends, family and lottery web sites. Each download has a unique activation key and an internet connection is required to activate and use the software. The manual cannot be printed to prevent distribution. The web server monitors multiple uses on different internet connections and if detected, the software is disabled. If you inititate a refund or chargeback (and you shoudln't as the system truly works!) then your software will be instantly disabled and you will be blocked from the website and any and all furture purchases and obviously no support assistance. This is a fair and honest transaction. I will not scam you and I ask that you do the same in return. If you need assistance, I will be at your side to help and guide you. I do not and will not give you free numbers to play. I will explain anything and everything you need help with and may give you more examples as deemed necessary, free number plays are not available. The secrets will reveal the numbers which should be played. Gambling is addictive, please wager and play responsibly. I ask that you not play for a week until you see the secrets working and producing the wins as they should. Only when you feel comfortable with your ability to fully understand what to do and you see yourself picking the winning numbers, then and only then should you play for real. The odds of winning the Pick 3 lottery are 1,000:1 and the odds of winning the Pick 4 are 10,000:1 but I believe I can help lower those odds in your favor and wait until I show you the secrets winning the games! By law I have to satte the lotetry is a game of chance or of luck. No lottery system can win every game, every time (I agree) and nobody can guarantee you will win any prize. Now once you get your hands on the secrets to winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 and I show you absolute proof of them at work, you decide. You will be able to download immediately after payment processing and a personal user license is granted for you and up to 2 personal computers you own. You are granted a personal, non commercial license to use the secrets and materials provided that payment is made to the seller without refund or charge back. If either are made, license is revoked. You may not divulge, copy or post the secrets in whole or in part, in any lottery posting forums or lottery sites. The materials are (c) 2012 and cannot be lawfully distributed without penalties being assessed. All lottery posting sites are monitored for Copyright infringement and unauthorized use and posting. Violators are prosecuted without warning or legal Notice. In short: You play fair and I will too.


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